Busyboard Busy board. A handmade developmental toy for toddlers


A high-quality, handmade product for young children aged 8 months to 4 years, made in Estonia. A busy board is an effective development tool specifically designed for babies that combines learning and play, promoting comprehensive physical and cognitive development.

Product size: M – 27×37 cm

We can add personal elements such as the child’s name to make the board more unique. If you want to choose the board elements yourself, please use our Busy Board Designer.

If you have any questions, please contact us via FB messenger.

Busy boards offer a variety of benefits for child development, covering different aspects of physical, cognitive, and social development. Below are the main benefits of this product:

Motor skills development: Busy boards provide a variety of elements, such as handles, buttons, locks, and switches, which require fine motor skills and coordination. This helps improve motor skills, which in turn has a positive impact on speech development.

Sensory stimulation: The different textures, shapes, and materials used on busy boards help stimulate a child’s sensory perception. Tactile sensations and visual impressions play an important role in their development.

Learning self-care skills: Elements on busy boards can mimic everyday objects and mechanisms, such as zippers, buttons, and switches. This helps develop self-care skills and independence.

Development of cognitive skills: Children, playing with busy boards, learn to recognize shapes, colors, and master simple mechanisms. This helps develop cognitive skills and learn the basics of logic.

Promoting creative thinking: Busy boards often provide children with the opportunity to experiment and find new ways to interact with the elements. This promotes creative thinking and enhances the interest in learning.

Social interaction: If busy board is used in a group, it can promote social interaction between children. They can share experiences, learn from each other, and develop communication skills.

Long-term engagement: Busy board usually remains interesting for children for a long time, providing them with constant opportunities for learning and development.

Our craft busy boards are made from high-quality and safe materials. The base is made of high-quality birch plywood with a thickness of 12 mm. The elements are made of birch plywood 3-6 mm thick. The processing is done manually, using CNC milling and laser machines and modern equipment and tools for the final processing of wood.

Quality control is carried out in several stages:

  1. Inspection after processing of elements.
  2. Inspection after assembly of the product.
  3. Final inspection before sending to the customer.

Materials are sanded by hand. For priming and painting the base and elements, special non-toxic water-based paints with European certification UNI EN71-3:2019 are used, which can be used to paint toys.

All purchased elements, such as hardware, wheels, etc., are manually inspected for defects before installation.

NB! As with any toy, please supervise your child during play!


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