My Busy Board is a great educational toy for kids
and alternative to the digital devices

My Busy Board is a great educational toy for kids and alternative to the digital devices

My Busy Board Estonia

Busy Board – a quality handmade wooden creation for kids aged 8 months to 4 years. Originally crafted by loving parents for their little ones. The Busyboard serves as an effective developmental tool, specially designed for young children.

Busyboard: Play with Purpose

Safety, quality, design, and product functionality were given special attention, taking into account the interests and needs of the young child. It’s the perfect gift, not meant to distract but to engage a child through play, fostering all-around physical and cognitive development! The wooden creation features diverse details to develop various skills like fine motor skills, memory, thinking, and a child’s imagination.

It is the perfect gift designed not to distract but to engage a child, contributing to comprehensive physical and cognitive development through play!

Greetings, dear parents!

My name is Vitali, the founder of ‘My Busy Board,’ and I am the father of a little three-year-old named Anastasia. When she was born, I immediately started thinking about how to help her develop and explore the world. I knew that in early childhood, it’s crucial for children to enhance their hand motor skills, learn new abilities, and simply derive pleasure from life through exploration, discovery, and play.

One day, I came across photos of Busy Boards on the internet – special boards with various elements that a child can touch, spin, press, and more. I instantly liked the idea and decided to get one for my daughter. However, our local stores didn’t have anything that matched our preferences in terms of design and element variety.

Inspired by my own parenting experience and professional background in production organization, I set out to create my own product. Countless hours were spent studying technologies and materials, designing, and experimenting. With the help of my wife and daughter, we lovingly crafted all the play details and design, giving birth to the first Busy Board.

My daughter was thrilled! She could play with the board for hours, discovering new possibilities. My creation received positive feedback from friends, prompting me to contemplate establishing my own brand and a line of developmental toys – My Busy Board (Est. 2023).

“My Busy Board” evolved into more than just a brand; it became a part of our family history. We strive to create not just wooden boards but small, unique stories for your little one. Every detail, every color – all reflects our desire to bring brightness and joy into your life, making learning fun and captivating.

With us, you receive not only a quality product but a part of our story filled with love and care. We take pride in the fact that each of our Busy Boards is not just a toy but a unique part of your child’s development and enjoyment.

Respectfully, Vitali S. – Founder of ‘My Busy Board.’

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