A Busy Board, also known as a ‘Montessori panel’ or sensory board, is crafted from wood and features various-sized elements with different textures, shapes, and functionalities. These elements include handles, locks, switches, strings, wheels, and other objects designed to stimulate senses and enhance the motor skills of young children.

The primary goal of a Busy Board is to teach toddlers various skills and stimulate their sensory perception. Through interaction with the diverse elements on the board, children can develop movement coordination, tactile skills, learn to recognize shapes and colors, and grasp simple mechanisms like buttons and switches.

The Busy Board serves as an effective tool for the development of toddlers, seamlessly combining learning and play to foster comprehensive physical and cognitive growth.
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  • Stimulates learning through experimentation
  • Improves concentration and memory
  • Improves logical thinking
  • Develops fine motor and sensory skills
  • Develops finger grip through touch
  • Promotes critical thinking
  • Сolor Perception and imagination
  • Shape recognition
  • Goal setting and Teaches patience
  • Builds a sense of accomplishment
  • Improves social skills when playing together
  • Follows Montessori teaching advice

Tips for playing with a busy board:

  1. Use a busy board to teach various elements, such as shapes, colors, numbers, etc. Show the child each object, name it, and ask the child to repeat it. This will help the child better remember the details and their features from each other.
  2. Learn the properties of various elements. For example, show the child a circle and explain that it has no corners, and then show the child a square and tell them that it has 4 corners and sides of equal length. Explanations will help the child better understand the differences of each detail.
  3. Set a goal for the child, and let them move a chip or toy to a certain point. This will help the child develop navigation skills and understanding of routes.
  4. Use a busy board for games, such as “blind movement”, where the child must move the chip following voice commands. Or choose the game-surprise option, where the child finds hidden details. Such a game will not only be useful, but also fun for your child.
  5. Use the board to learn about different materials and textures. For example, let the child determine the material from which the buttons are made, or try to interact with moving elements. At the same time, try not to help the child, let them complete the tasks themselves. But do not forget to support him so that he believes in himself.

Do not be afraid to improvise and create unique “quests” for the child. The more interesting and challenging the task is, the higher the chance to develop more useful skills. Experiment and explore the game from all sides with your child. Then your time spent together will definitely not be boring.

The safety of users of busy boards is our top priority. However, the product contains small parts (screws, keys for locks, and other small elements). Despite careful inspection and attention to details we cannot predict every situation. Therefore, Busy Board should only be used under adult supervision. Busy boards are not just toys, but educational tools for child development.

Handcrafted Busy Boards are perfect for children aged 8 months to 4 years. This period is crucial for a child’s development as they actively explore the surrounding world and shape fundamental skills. Busy Boards are versatile and can be customized based on different difficulty levels, making them suitable for various stages of a child’s development.

Our handcrafted Busy Boards epitomize quality and safety through meticulous material selection and crafting processes. The base comprises a robust 12 mm thick birch plywood, while the elements are precision-cut from high-grade 3-6 mm thick birch plywood. The manual processing involves the utilization of CNC milling and laser machines, alongside cutting-edge woodworking tools and equipment.

*Stringent quality control is implemented across multiple stages:

  1. Inspection post-element processing.
  2. Inspection post-product assembly.
  3. Final scrutiny preceding dispatch to the customer.

Manual sanding ensures a refined finish. To prime and paint the base and elements, we employ specially formulated, water-based, non-toxic paints bearing the European certificate UNI EN71-3:2019, sanctioned for toy applications.

Every acquired element, be it hardware, wheels, etc., undergoes meticulous manual examination for defects before integration.

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When manufacturing our products, we pay special attention to the safety and environmental friendliness of the materials used. The initial models were tested by the founder of the My Busy Board brand and their 3-year-old child. Product usability was taken into account, and adjustments were made before mass production.

Note: As with any toy, please supervise your child during play.

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The product is handmade, and the elements are securely attached to the base. However, as with any toy containing small parts, care must be taken when a child is playing with the Busy Board. Exercise caution with small components that may come loose or be bitten off and pose a choking hazard. The product should only be used under adult supervision!

montessory toy busy boardNote: All packaging is not part of the product and should be removed before handing the Busy Board to the child.

Yes, we offer a personalization service for Busy Boards. You can choose specific elements, colors, and even add your child’s name to make the board more unique. On our website, there’s an option called ‘My Busy Board Disainer.’ Using an Excel file, you can assemble your own Busy Board from available colors, game elements, and board sizes, sending it to us for customized assembly. We can also incorporate personalized elements, such as your child’s name. When placing an order, contact us, and we’ll strive to bring your ideas to life.

Note: For personalized products, a 14-day return is not possible, but we’ll do our utmost to ensure your satisfaction.

The crafting time for a handmade Busy Board depends on the model and individual ordered parameters. Assembly time is up to 5 business days from the receipt of the order, plus shipping within Estonia (Omniva). Delivery times vary depending on your location and the chosen shipping method.

You can also pick up the product locally from our workshop, My Busy Board (Kassi 4, Tallinn, Estonia), or by arrangement.

Note: Delivery is not included in the product price.

Yes, certainly. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. If the Busy Board doesn’t meet your expectations or has defects, reach out to us. We’ll strive to resolve the situation by offering a replacement or a refund. Please note that personalized products are non-returnable, but we’ll do our utmost to ensure your satisfaction.

Your feedback is also important to us. We’re here to assist with pleasure!