Busy Board Disainer

Welcome to busy board constructor where you can create own design for your busy board!

To start you will need to open excel file with editable graphics inside and follow simple steps (Busy Board Disainer button).

File will be oppened in docs.google.com, read only mode.

Ask a permission in Facebook Messenger to edit this file directly online in google docs or just download this excel file on your computer.

1 Step: Select Your board size, please choose from the bottom tab (Excel file tab).

2 Step: Please choose your desired elements, drag them to a desired place on the board to visualize your design.

3 Step: When your busy board is ready just leave a request in PM on Facebook Messenger or email: info@mybusyboard.ee. After we can agree a details, colors, customization and start a manufacturing.

NB! The size of board & elements in file is proportional to the original size. Please don’t change the size of elements.